Question: What Is O2 Academy?

What did the o2 Academy Glasgow used to be?

The O2 Academy Glasgow (formerly the Carling Academy Glasgow) is a music venue on Eglinton Street in the Gorbals (Laurieston) area of Glasgow.

It holds 2,500 people.

It is one of two Academy Music Group venues in Glasgow; the other venue is the O2 ABC Glasgow..

What is the capacity of swg3?

125 – 5000SWG3 is one of Glasgow’s leading music venues. With 5 diverse venues to choose from, with capacities ranging from 125 – 5000 we deliver an eclectic music programme of live concerts & clubs.

Is there more than one o2 arena?

It is located at the centre of The O2 and is the first American-style, multi-purpose arena in London. It is the second largest arena in the UK after the Manchester Arena, but is the busiest music venue in the world. The arena and its facilities are housed in an independent building within the dome structure.

What is on at the o2 Arena?

Events at The O2 arena19 Dec 2020. Pete Tong & The Heritage Orchestra Present Ibiza Classics – Livestream. Conducted by Jules Buckley. … 15 Feb 2021. Snoop Dogg. Rescheduled. … 27 Feb 2021. Rescheduled | Squeeze. … 12 Mar – 14 Mar 2021. Country to Country 2021. … 23 Mar – 24 Mar 2021. Postponed | Harry Styles. … 12 Apr – 14 Apr 2021. Stormzy.

Who has performed at the o2 Arena?

Gone In 38 Seconds: 6 Amazing Acts That Sold Out The O2 In Under 15 MinutesThe Rolling Stones, 2012: 7 minutes. … The Spice Girls, 2007: 38 seconds. … Beyoncé, 2014: 12 minutes. … Gary Barlow, 2014: 6 minutes. … Rihanna, 2011: 10 minutes. … Monty Python Live, 2014: 43 seconds.

Is climbing the 02 Scary?

From the ground the walkway of Up at the O2 looked very steep and I will admit I was a little scared. But the climb itself was actually fairly easy, you’re never rushed and you can go at your own pace. The first section has a relatively steep incline of 28 degrees.

How many o2 Academy venues are there?

20 O2 Academy venuesThe 20 O2 Academy venues.

Is the o2 Academy Birmingham seating?

The main auditorium has a capacity of 3,009 with a seated balcony and attracts the biggest touring artists to Birmingham. … Birmingham was the first City outside of London, Academy Music Group chose to expand its venue portfolio over a decade ago. All venues can operate independently, or simultaneously.

What do you wear to the o2?

Appropriate dress is required within all areas of The O2. Visitors to The O2 are not permitted to wear the following: motorcycle helmets, hoods, baseball caps, sunglasses (at night). Trainers are not permitted after 11pm, except for visitors to the cinema or The O2 arena (evidence of attendance may be required).

What is the capacity of the o2 Academy in Glasgow?

2,500O2 Academy Glasgow/Capacity

Can you take bottled water into the o2?

Cans and glass bottles aren’t allowed into the arena seating area for safety reasons. … No, we don’t allow food and drink bought outside The O2 to be taken into The O2 arena. Email us at if you need to bring food or drink with you for medical or religious reasons.

Do they ask for ID at the o2?

The O2 on Twitter: “We will be checking IDs and if you cannot present a valid form of identification, you will not be granted entry.… ”