Question: What Is The Best West End Musical?

The most popular musicals in the UK67% The Lion King.

Musical.59% Oliver.


59% Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


56% The Phantom of the Opera.


56% Shrek.


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54% Beauty and the Beast.

Musical.More items….

What is the best musical in London right now?

Top 10 London musicals and showsHairspray the Musical at the London Coliseum. … Tina – The Tina Turner Musical at Aldwych Theatre. … Matilda The Musical at the Cambridge Theatre. … The Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre. … Wicked at the Apollo Victoria. … Come From Away at Phoenix Theatre.More items…

What is the best musical in London?

The Best Musicals in LondonOnly Fools and Horses: The Musical. … Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. The Apollo Theatre. … Les Misérables. Queen’s Theatre. … The Lion King. Lyceum Theatre. … Matilda. Cambridge Theatre. … Footloose The Musical. The New Wimbledon Theatre. … Sister Act. Eventim Apollo. … 9 to 5. The Savoy Theatre.More items…•

The most popular pop music artists in the UK69% Adele. Music Artist. … 69% The Beatles. Music Artist. … Explore your very own audience with YouGov’s new Audience Explorer. Try the FREE Audience Explorer.68% Elvis Presley. Music Artist. … 67% Prince. Music Artist. … 66% Whitney Houston. Music Artist. … 66% Kylie Minogue. Music Artist. … 64% Fleetwood Mac. Music Artist.More items…

What is the highest grossing West End musical?

The Lion King sits at the top, with a gross of $8.2 billion worldwide. Mamma Mia!

Which musical is the longest running so far?

Already a member? You have no right to use this feature….Longest-running musicals on the West End in London by number of performances as of February 2020.Musical title (year)Number of performancesLes Misérables (1985)*14,156The Phantom of the Opera (1986)*13,877Blood Brothers (1988)10,013Cats (1981)8,9499 more rows

What is the Theatre capital of the world?

LondonTop 20 Shows It’s official – London is now the theatre capital of the world. A new study published by the Society of London Theatre and the National Theatre has revealed that London has the biggest theatre audience of any city on the planet, beating even New York.

Why is it called West End?

West of the City, North of the River Thames The term ‘the West End’ is an abbreviation of The West End of London and it describes a specific area of Central London that’s to the North of the famous River Thames.

What does West End mean?

The West End of London (commonly referred to as the West End) is a district of Central London, west of the City of London and north of the River Thames, in which many of the city’s major tourist attractions, shops, businesses, government buildings and entertainment venues, including West End theatres, are concentrated.

Can you wear jeans to the Theatre?

Very few theatres operate a dress policy, and though traditionally evening performances are more formal than matinees, nobody will lambast you for wearing denim after 7pm.

Is there a dress code for West End shows?

The simple answer here is anything. From a casual t-shirt, jeans and trainers to a tuxedo or formal dress, but there are no dress codes at any theatre or opera house in the West End, so you can turn up to the theatre in any clothes and you won’t be turned away.

What to wear to watch a musical?

Dark dress pants and a dress shirt, a knee-length skirt with a blouse, a patterned short-sleeved sundress or dark cocktail dress all make perfectly fine choices.

Is Broadway or West End better?

There are small differences between both these entities, London has more activity and more non-musical plays. … Whereas Broadway lately has more musicals and more family oriented shows. Ticket prices on Broadway are a little higher, and on the West End, there are more discounts for students and seniors.

What’s the best musical of all time?

Top Ten Best Broadway Shows Ever MadeHamilton. The story of the man on the ten dollar bill has been Broadway’s number one smash hit since its release. … The Producers. … The Phantom of the Opera. … The Book of Mormon. … Les Miserables. … West Side Story. … Wicked. … Kinky Boots.More items…

What should I wear to a West End musical?

London Theatre: Dress Code The norm is to wear smart semi casuals or formals. It is also a good idea to carry a smart jacket or a light shawl in case you find the air-conditioning too cold.