Question: Why Does Jane Leave Thornfield?

Where does Jane go after Thornfield?

So, according to Jane, she left Thornfield and quickly ran out of money and food which forced her to beg for money, food and work.

Eventually, she stumbled upon the Rivers’ house where she was taken in after collapsing at their doorstep.


Why might Jane’s decision to leave Thornfield be the most important one she makes in the novel?

Jane’s departure from Thornfield is perhaps the most important decision she makes in the novel. In Rochester she found the love for which she had always yearned, and Thornfield was the first real home she ever knew. In fleeing them, Jane leaves a part of herself behind.

How much money does Jane have when she leaves Thornfield?

How much money does Jane have with her when she flees Thornfield? That night, Jane dreams her mother, transformed from the moon, whispers into her heart, “My daughter, flee temptation.” Jane does. She packs up a few trinkets, grabs her purse, which contains a mere twenty shillings, and steals away.

How does Jane feel about Thornfield?

Jane felt she belonged to Thornfield even when she was in the house where she spent her childhood. … The name Thornfield compares the life in Thornfield to rose thorns.