Quick Answer: What Industry Has The Biggest Gender Pay Gap?

What companies have a gender pay gap?

Big firms with a wider pay gap include Kwik Fit, Npower and Virgin Atlantic.

Only about 10% of employers have reported their latest figures so far, ahead of the 4 April deadline for the private sector..

Which country has the largest pay gap?

Korea1. Korea, 34.6% Korea has the largest gender wage gap on the OECD’s list. In Korea, the average woman earns about 65.4% of what a man earns, leaving them with a 34.6% wage gap, according to OECD data.

Who is the highest paying athlete?

Roger Federer tops Forbes’ 2020 list of the world’s 100 highest-paid athletesRoger Federer.Cristiano Ronaldo.Lionel Messi.Neymar.LeBron James.Stephen Curry.Kevin Durant.Tiger Woods.More items…•

Is there a gender pay gap in sports?

Today, the gender pay gap in sports is still extremely pronounced. Many leagues have acknowledged the disparity, but the issue still persists. In the past two years, equal pay in sports has progressed from simple awareness to being addressed with legal action.

What jobs have the biggest wage gap?

The 10 professions with the highest collective pay gaps, including three in the health care industry, were:Financial managers;Physicians/surgeons;Accountants and auditors;Supervisors of retail workers;RNs;Marketing and sales managers;Lawyers;Chief executives;More items…•

What is the gender pay gap in UK?

The gender pay gap nationally stands at 18.4 per cent for full-time and part-time workers, according to the UK’s Office for National Statistics.

Which sport has the biggest pay gap?

tennisOutside of tennis, the gender pay gap is staggering. The highest base salary in the WNBA is $117,500. The highest salary in the NBA is $40 million.

When was the gender pay gap introduced UK?

The gender pay gap is the average difference between hourly wages for men and women. Since changes to the Equality Act came into force in April 2017, companies with more than 250 employees have been legally required to report their gender pay gap figures by the end of the financial year.

Which country has the lowest wage gap?

Top 5 Countries with the Smallest Gender GapIceland – 87.7%Norway -84.2%Finland – 83.2%Sweden – 82%Nicaragua – 80.4%

Which country has the biggest gender imbalance in the world?

The Northern Mariana Islands have the highest female ratio with 0.77 males per female. Qatar has the highest male ratio, with 2.87 males/female.

What is the highest paid female sport?

tennisIn a yearly tradition, tennis continues to dominate the highest-paid female athlete’s list released by Forbes. This year’s list made new records as 22-year-old Naomi Osaka became the highest-paid female athlete in history. Serena Williams came a close second.

Which industry has the biggest gender gap?

Financial managers, physicians and surgeons are among the professions with the most significant income disparities.

Why is there a gender pay gap?

Differences in pay are caused by occupational segregation (with more men in higher paid industries and women in lower paid industries), vertical segregation (fewer women in senior, and hence better paying positions), ineffective equal pay legislation, women’s overall paid working hours, and barriers to entry into the …

What is the gender pay gap uk 2019?

17.3%In 2019 the gender pay gap was 17.3% in the UK, which means that on average, women were paid approximately 83p for every £1 men were paid.

Which country has equal pay?

At the national level the principle of equal pay is in general fully reflected in the legislation of the 28 EU member states and the additional countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.