Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Stealthily?

How can I be sneaky at night?

Walk around your home during the day and plan out the path that you want to take at night.

Listen for any squeaky floors or doorways so you know which areas to avoid at night.

Try to get from your bedroom to the room you want to get to without making any noise..

What type of word is stealth?

noun. secret, clandestine, or surreptitious procedure. a furtive departure or entrance.

Is vex a word?

Vex can be used as an adjective: for example, a vexing issue is not easily solved. The verb vex, the corresponding adjective vexatious, and the noun vexation are all slightly old-fashioned though still in current use. Vex descends through Middle English from Latin vexare, “to shake, attack, trouble.”

What is a synonym for vex?

SYNONYMS. annoy, irritate, infuriate, anger, incense, inflame, enrage, irk, chagrin, exasperate, madden, pique, provoke, nettle, disturb, upset, perturb, discompose, put out. try, try someone’s patience, get on someone’s nerves, bother, trouble, worry, agitate, harass, harry, fuss, fluster, ruffle, hound.

What is another word for stealthily?

Some common synonyms of stealthy are clandestine, covert, furtive, secret, surreptitious, and underhanded.

How do you use stealthily in a sentence?

Stealthily sentence examplesStealthily, she moved the cup over the edge and spilled it on the floor beneath the table. … “Uncle,” Rostov, and Ilagin kept stealthily glancing at one another’s dogs, trying not to be observed by their companions and searching uneasily for rivals to their own borzois.More items…

How can I be stealthy?

Walk like an animal.Notice your surroundings. If there’s a low-hanging branch up ahead, carefully crouch under it instead of blazing through and causing the leaves to rustle.Walk where there’s cover. … Have steady movements. … Go on stealth runs and practice moving as quietly and unnoticeably as possible.

How do you deal with a sneaky person?

How to deal with sneaky manipulative peopleIgnore everything they do and say. Manipulative people will use frustration and confusion to bait you into conflict. … Hit their center of gravity. Turn the tables. … Trust your judgment. … Try not to fit in. … Stop compromising. … Never ask for permission. … Create a greater sense of purpose. … Take responsibility for yourself.

Which of the following is the best definition of equivocate?

verb (used without object), e·quiv·o·cat·ed, e·quiv·o·cat·ing. to use ambiguous or unclear expressions, usually to avoid commitment or in order to mislead; prevaricate or hedge: When asked directly for his position on disarmament, the candidate only equivocated.

What does Stealth mean sexually?

Stealth sex occurs when a consenting pair, usually who meet through online sites like Tinder, agree to have sex with each other, and begin to have consensual sex with a condom. However, midway through sex, the penetrating partner removes the condom without the other partner’s consent.

What is the nearest in meaning of stealthily?

▲ In a secret way, without others knowing. secretly. covertly. clandestinely.

What is the meaning of stealthily in English?

In a stealthy manner, furtively.. stealthily pronunciation.

What is the opposite of stealthily?

Opposite of adverb for behaving or done in a cautious and surreptitious manner, so as not to be seen or heard. openly. overtly. publically. blatantly.

What vex means?

to irritate; annoy; provoke: His noisy neighbors often vexed him. to torment; trouble; distress; plague; worry: Lack of money vexes many. to discuss or debate (a subject, question, etc.) with vigor or at great length: to vex a question endlessly without agreeing.

How do you use Vex in a sentence?

Melody felt that she was unable to invite guests over to her house, because it would vex her painfully shy husband. I didn’t think that such an inconsequential matter would vex you so. Our international relations with North Korea continue to to vex the government officials.