What Are The Five SEL Competencies Per Casel?

What are the 5 SEL competencies?

We use CASEL’s five core competencies of social emotional learning.Self-Awareness.

Understanding your emotions and thoughts and how they influence your behavior.


Responsible Decision-Making.

Social Awareness.

Relationship Skills..

How many social emotional learning competencies are identified by Casel?

fiveThe standards organize competencies into a grid that create four categories of competencies that overlap with and encompass (but are framed slightly differently from) the five CASEL competencies). The axes include: self/social, and awareness/management.

What are SEL goals?

Related to the image to the left, the short-term goals of SEL programs are to: (1) promote students’ self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, relationship, and responsible decision-making skills; and (2) improve student attitudes and beliefs about self, others, and school.

How do you teach SEL?

Here are 21 simple ways you can support social-emotional learning for your students every day.Start the day with a check-in.Use story time for teachable moments.Work in partnerships.Teach them how to work in a group.Nurture a culture of kindness.Give them new words to say.More items…•

What are the 13 core competencies?

The 13 Competencies includes Drive for Results, Service Orientation, Quality Orientation, Planning & Organizing, Analysis & Problem Solving, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Risk Management, Relationship Management, Adaptability & Change Management, Team Leadership, People Development, Visionary & Strategic Thinking and …

How do you introduce students to SEL?

Prepare staff to teach SEL through modeling and integrated instruction. Create and provide opportunities for students to practice SEL skills. Establish a regular SEL check-in to gauge students’ emotional ability and mental health. Connect with and learn from other educators who have greater practice in SEL …

What are the three pillars of social and emotional learning?

Three Pillars: Culture, Adult Skills, Curriculum. A culture where social emotional learning can thrive is one that provides a safe and healthy place for children to learn and grow.

What is the SEL skill competency?

Social and emotional learning competencies are lifelong skills, essential for everyone. … The ability to manage emotions, focus attention, respect self and others, make responsible choices, and engage with communities prepares students for college, career and life success.

What are the 6 core competencies?

What are the Six Core Competencies?Patient Care.Medical Knowledge.Practice-based Learning and Improvement.Interpersonal and Communication Skills.Professionalism.System-based Practice.

What are the 5 components of SEL?

According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (2003), the goal of an SEL program is to foster the development of five interrelated sets of cognitive, affective, and behavioral competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision- …

What are SEL strategies?

Social emotional learning (SEL) is the way children and adults acquire knowledge and skills that impact their ability to manage emotions, manage behaviors, and set and achieve goals. Integrating SEL strategies can support instruction and have a positive impact on academic achievement.

Is self awareness a competency?

Each competency consists of two parts: the intent (or purpose) and the behaviors (what it looks like). … Self-Awareness is the capacity to tune into your own feelings, sense inner signals, and recognize how your feelings affect you and your performance.